Supporting Figures


Condition:  Pristine

Comes with original box.

  • Comes with custom screen printed wood box
  • Material: Metal (powdercoated)
  • Edition of 25 + 5 AP / sculpture
  • Colors: Telemagenta / Ultramarine
  • Signed and numbered COA by the artist
  • Custom made and screen printed wood box 

Size: 11.8"

Jonathan Chapline and Case Studyo continue their partnership with a stunning new collaboration.
Chapline’s unique aesthetic blurs the lines between an intangible digital realm and the reality of the analogue world, finding poetry in the contrast. When working with Case Studyo, the artist avidly seizes the opportunity of introducing his fantastical, otherworldly universe into the microcosm of our homes. For this edition, Chapline further explores a beloved, recurring theme in his work; the human form. By deconstructing his subjects into abstract flat shapes and reassembling them to compose new volumes, the artist manages to evoke the surreal experience of existential passion harnessed in digital form. A deliberate and bold choice of materials emphasises the inherent contradiction in his work; infusing cold steel with raw emotion. The edition consists of 2 metal figures carefully welded and powder coated in Telemagenta and Ultramarine with a silky smooth satin finish. Standalone sculptures or utility objects, these ‘Supporting Figures’ are ready to be welcomed into your home.