SS 2003 ‘Consumed’ Collage Sweatshirt

$1,170 $1,500
Size: 48

Condition: Pre-owned, excellent

Color: Black

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Pit to pit: 24.5"
Top to bottom: 30"
Shoulder: 25"
Sleeve outseam: 23"

“Consumed" served as one of Simons' most coveted and radical collections, reflecting his take on global consumerism. The brand wanted to portray consumer culture as two shifting personalities; a dystopian future wrecked by globalization and an avenue for self-expression in youths.

Simons turned to 80s artist Ashley Bickerton who made collages out of brand logos for inspiration and proceeded to create garments with corporate logos and bold texts like "membership", as a way of expressing his own fascination with the attraction of corporate branding in consumer culture. Suit jackets, bombers, fisherman vests were all altered into utilitarian survivalist uniforms of a post-apocalyptic world, as seen by the exaggerated compartments, harnesses, and fishnet material used throughout.