Reclining Nude


Condition: New

Comes in original box.

Reclining Nude

  • Signed and numbered 'JC XX' (in ink on the Certificate of Authenticity)
  • Stamped 'CHAPLINE' and with the Case Studyo insignia (on the underside)
  • Porcelain multiple in orange, with original screenprinted wooden box and Certificate of Authenticity
  • Edition size of 20 + four artist proofs

Size: 5 x 11 x 312 in. (12.7 x 27.9 x 9 cm.)

Executed in 2018 - Published by Case Studyo, Ghent, Belgium.

For his latest collaboration with Case Studyo, Jonathan Chapline reprises his rendition of the classical sculptural theme, the ‘Reclining Nude’. This time around changing the colour palette to a lively and passionate coral. The almost pinkish shade of orange gold evokes a sense of joy and conjures up an optimistic view of the future. The digitally rendered nude silhouette cast in delicate porcelain and finished with a compassionate coral glaze tells the gripping love story of humankind and the evolution of technology. The female figure invites the viewer to embrace modern technological development as their saviour in today’s digital age without abandoning their roots in the analogue world. The particularly uplifting colour selection emphasizes the highly humanizing qualities of the sculptural piece, a deliberate choice of love over fear in the face of the seemingly dehumanizing expansion of online life. Radiating comforting warmth, the relaxed sculptural form offers a reassuring view of future times and advancements to come.