Mr. Sunshine Mirror

Condition: New in original packaging

Size: 50cm diameter

  • Yellow acrylic screen printed mirror
    • Edition of 50 
    • Custom screen printed box
    • Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity 
Case Studyo and Greg Bogin are excited to share their first collaboration: Mr. Sunshine, a mirror that twists the purpose a mirror generally serves. Mirrors are typically devices of vanity that deliver back to the viewer a representation of how the appear to the world. By putting a ‘hole’ in the middle of the mirror the artist flips this notion so that receiving ones reflection by looking into it becomes challenging. The hole creates a void where the viewer’s reflection would be, this way we experience the world around the viewer rather than the viewer. The object thus serves as a looking glass that negates the ego and forces the beholders’ focus on their surrounding rather than on themselves. The object is expertly made from high quality yellow acrylic mirror. The screen printed neon accent radiates positive energy and the yellow mirror itself shows the world in an uplitting light. Staring into Mr. Sunshine calms the mind and boosts energy levels by shifting the focus on the beauty that surrounds us all.