Tom Sachs Nike NIKECraft NASA Lightweight Tote & Backpack

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NIKECraft: Lightweight Tote

Condition: New in box with all original content and zine.

For everyday superheroes.

Cuben fiber, most commonly used as sailcloth, is a laminated fabric constructed from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber monofilaments, polyester and other films.

1526 cu. in. capacity

- Silicone-coated vectran-reinforced bottom
- Self-webbing straps
- Strap shortener with tail knoller
- Strap link
- Back protecting cardo sled (1/4" thick shoe leather with stainless steel grommet)
- Quick release snap-shackle ladderlock

- 30' paracord
- Grappling hooker
- Prybar
- AAA battery (or drugs case)

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