Chair 00000040



Available for local pickup in Los Angeles, CA.

Apartment1007 by Spencer Daly Chair 00000040

Dimensions: 32” x 15.5” x 21”

Weight: 27 LBS approx.

Made in USA

Douglas Fir stud chair assembled with steel bolts, steel ties, and clear acrylic.

Each piece is made custom and assembled in his studio in Los Angeles, and is thus stamped with its own model number.

Each chair comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Edition will be limited, each chair sequential numbered. 

*Blanket shipping within the USA only. (Does not ship overseas)

*Ready to ship.

About Spencer:

The objects in the home are limited and become, in a way, sacred—objects of affection, objects of memory, objects embedded and imbued with biography and autobiography.

Spencer uses common construction materials, lumber and machined bolts—an homage to being raised in construction sites. These materials are mass produced, and because of this, become slightly warped and, in their essence, unique. By working with these materials within the 1/8” tolerance usually expected by the construction trade, it forces an intimate relationship with each piece.

Every piece made is singular. The wood is not planed and is left unfinished, the joints are butted against one another. These crude elements are joined by a refined element which causes crisis amidst the piece.

In totality, a piece is created that is meant to be an heirloom, a continued project, to be beaten and bruised only heightens its delicacy, and with each marking is a continued autobiography.

Spencer studied Literature at Loyola Marymount and Architecture at Sci Arc (M.Arc)

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