SS07 Richard Prince Set of Skateboard Skate Decks


Condition: Some scuff marks on the Black deck, Overall both decks are in great condition and ready to be mounted in your home.

Season: SS 2007


Supreme invited the American painter and photographer, Richard Prince, to be the guest artist of their latest skate decks. Richard Prince has designed two exclusive skate decks for Supreme as the second installment of Artists Series. The first features a black, abstract character on a white background while the second design has a laser etching of a skull-bunny on a black background.


American painter and photographer, Richard Prince, was born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1949, when the area was still under U.S. control.

In 1973, after being turned down by the San Francisco Art Institute, Prince moved to New York City. There, he took a job in the Time Life Building preparing magazine clippings, which left considerable numbers of popular advertisements laying around afterwards. Those images became an important aspect in the artist’s career. Throughout the 1980s, Prince was intimately involved in the New Wave scene, playing in bands, frequenting venues, and becoming involved in the emerging arena of conceptual art.