Kenny Scharf Kenny Scharf Sloppy Melt Lithograph

  • $2,100.00

Lithograph 8 colors and glitters "Angel Dust" printed with Marinoni press lithograph and hand cut. Signed, named and numbered by the artist

“The lithograph looks great, the print looks beautiful, it is so delicate and the details, colors, well everything looks very cool. We chose the same glitters used by Andy Warhol, they are called "Angel Dust" and we added it by hand, the result is amazing. This is a serie I’ve been doing recently that I called « Sloppy style » because everything is dripping and my normal kind of way I paint it’s more knit or clean but those are on purpose sloppy, it has to do just with being fun and also has to do with melting, things are melting, the world is melting.“ Kenny Scharf

Edition: 3/99

Print size: 35.43 inches x 25.19 inches

Condition: New


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