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What got you into making clothing with such an artisanal touch?

We grew up engrained in all elements of hip-hop and raised by the dance community. Absorbing knowledge from the historical evolution of movement that heavily influences our creative process for designing collections. When you dress good you feel good you dance good! It all started there, dance is a way to express yourself without using words, fashion/design is the same. It's a language and an art form to express your individuality.

What separates your finishing & up-cycling techniques from the rest?

We are consistently creating an immersive experience through our designs and the space we surround them with. We adore Breaking the boundaries of traditional fashion inventing leading-edge pieces of art, while also paying homage to history. Approaching clothing in a very untraditional way, we did not go to design or fashion school. We've embraced our process, we are not looking at fashion through a lens or box created by a teacher or designer. Having an unorthodox approach has allowed us to create different garments of art. We go straight in to sample making to get the idea out of our head and in our hands. Utilizing sustainable and vintage fabrics. Creating garments that are one of a kind. Releasing limited runs to display the uniqueness of each garment.

You work with lots of vintage garments as well as in house cut & sew items. What has drawn you to vintage clothing?

Vintage is our DNA. We grew up scavenging flea markets, thrift stores and antique shops. Scouring the racks and shelves for interesting fabrics, knickknacks and inspiration pieces. Being immersed in that for multiple years you see so many garments the brain starts to be exposed to what silhouettes or textures it likes.  It's a way to express yourself with something no one else has and establish your personality or story through clothing. That’s where the Obsession began. The Importance of vintage goes beyond us, vintage is a piece of history. History is important.

We are honored to represent your work at Justin Reed. Why do you think it is such a great fit for your brand? 

We are honored to be represented by Justin Reed. There are so many different reasons why It is a perfect place to showcase our artistic lens. First and foremost, Justin Reed’s eclectic eye in fashion, art and design is a big part why we see the vision. The curation and variety complements our garments in a beautiful way. Lastly we are energy based people and having an authentic connection with everyone at Justin Reed is something we cherish and know why it's a great fit for us.