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Dani Levi


Coming from Rihanna’s camp to Kanye West and now being Kim Kardashians stylist, this multi-hyphenate gives us an exclusive look into her world of style. Dani has accumulated vast knowledge we are excited to share alongside a selection of some of her greatest pieces.

You have a wonderful working relationship with Kim Kardashian. How did that connection come about?

Kanye introduced me, I was styling him for six months until he asked if I would do a fitting with her. From then on I started to style both of them and a year later we decided I would focus only on her.

How would you describe your style and the aesthetic you’ve so naturally brought into the fashion industry at large?

When I started I looked up to Carine Roitfeld, she was so elevated she was levels. She made me aware of the power a stylist has. It looked like you threw something on but it still looked so expensive, she really captured that money can’t buy style - she could turn a Gucci piece that looked like nothing into the craziest outfit by how she threw it together. I have lots of different worlds in my mind that collide into one vibe - Japan, anime, Bruce Lee, Apple, philosophy, spirituality.. I was also heavily Ye-fluenced. Working beside Kanye first of all, gave me confidence in myself, he believed in me. He also taught me to not take designers / runways / clothes too literally, but twist them into something new and more interesting than commerce, than pretentiousness - his styling feels like the highest level of music, art, architecture and fashion in one. Being original and paying no mind to rules or to the system, for me, thats the aesthetic.

What are the main things you look for in a good outfit?

Unpredictable. Flattering. Futuristic.

Yeezy x GAP x Balenciaga

Yeezy Season

What is most important in a piece to you?

Nothing. I think in looks, not pieces.. I can take a generic T-shirt and make a fresh look out of it. Labels or prices are of no significance. Politically I am very incorrect.. I don’t follow the designers and don’t depend on relationships - I do what I feel

How do you see style and the industry evolving with this new generation of fashion icons?

I feel like the industry no longer revolves around what designers and magazines say is cool, we decide whats cool. Its all about the vibes stylists and influencers are creating on Instagram - then the high fashion and fast fashion companies follow. Everything has flipped, I love that anyone and everyone has a chance to be creative and influential.

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