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Chris Blake


Chris Blake Griffith is a professional entertainment marketing manager, having worked with elite clientele and managing artists, athletes, and influencers for 10+ years. Known mainly for his extravagant and influential style, the multi-hyphenate also has a budding music career, as well as his own clothing brand, known as "Static Passion". Check out his Q&A here.

Q: What is a clothing piece that got you into collecting and being after rare items?

A: I’d say my pursuit of highly coveted pieces dates back to like 2006, in middle school when I was thrifting BAPE and BBC/Ice Cream tees at Plato’s Closet. The release of the “Blink” Air Yeezy 1 was probably the cop I was most proud of in my teens. I got them for retail in ‘09 and that was the first time I was able to own something super sought after, that I knew I could sell for way more than I paid even after I’d worn it a lot! That ignited something in me. It also showed me the value of what a very rare piece could do to elevate minimal fits on a daily basis. 

Q: How would you say your style affects your work, and vice versa?

A: I’m firm in my belief that clothing is a language, and what you wear truly does speak for you before you get a chance to speak for yourself. Walking into a room and having all eyes on you is a privilege, and what you choose to say with that presence is where creativity kicks in. My background being rooted in brand marketing always puts me in the mindset of story telling. With my music, with my designs, with my wardrobe, with my instagram swipes, with my YouTube channel, and with my daily looks; I’m always looking to either tell a story, or add a layer to the overall story I’m already telling. 

Q: How would you describe your music? 

A: Toxic masculinity meets vulnerability. Personal stories from my past, present, and projected future. All things tasteful and fashionable. “Clothes Make Me Happy” in real life. 

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Q: What do you look for in a piece when you are shopping?

A: If it’s not something I’m already on the hunt for, I go through an evaluation of a few different factors. Design, designer, shape, color, patina if it’s aged, how often I’d see myself wearing it, is there a “need” for it in my wardrobe, how valuable I think it is versus the price-point, and a list of other specific considerations. I compute it all in my head as I look through other pieces throughout the shopping experience, and then decide what comes home with me. 

Q: What’s an item you could never let go of?

A: I have a leather Chrome Hearts jacket covered in over 300 overlapping crosses. It’s lined with sherpa, so it’s perfect for the Winter. It was sourced and sold to me by my Justin Reed family. Needless to say, it’s never leaving my closet unless my son wants to put it to good use. If I were to ever let it go though, I shook hands with Justin to never sell it with anyone other than him.

Q: And what about an item you are looking for, but have yet to find?

A: I’m actually on the hunt right now for a series of items. I want all the pieces that released in the Chrome Hearts x BAPE collab in 2009. It’s like 2 stuffed Baby Milo dolls, and a series of tees. I need everything. Nigo’s a huge inspiration of mine. As I said earlier, I grew up thrifting all the BAPE I could find until I was finally able to afford a piece or two on a trip to the store in SoHo. I still track down BAPE from the Nigo era to wear now. My son’s name is Milo. I’m a known Chrome Hearts collector. The collab just means a lot to me and the fact that it released 13 years ago makes the chase that much more gratifying.