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Golden Landis Von Jones, primarily known as "24kGoldn", is an American rapper and musician known for billboard topping hits such as "Valentino" and "Mood". His sudden arrival into the spotlight was complimented by a sharp eye for style, being far ahead of the curve in terms of trends and brands. Now, 24kGoldn has granted access to some of his favorite pieces. Check out his Q&A here.

Q: You’ve been fashionable for quite a while. What came first, your interest in music or fashion?

A: As far back as I can remember I always loved both. My parents were super into music AND fashion so I was surrounded by great style and great songs from a early age.

Q: How do you feel like the rap world effects the clothing industry?

A: I think black culture in general is one of the biggest influencers on pop culture especially fashion.

Q: Are there any other musicians that have influenced your personal style over the years?

A: Lenny kravitz, Andre 3000, Asap Rocky, Kanye, and Pharell for sure.

Q: What is a current brand or style that you are mostly interested in?

A: I’ve always had a soft spot for Japanese fashion and Streetwear so I’m just waiting for the next time I go to Tokyo and get to buy everything.

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