New With Box

"Maru-Face" Bronze Sculpture


Condition: New with box & proof of authenticity

Color: Grey

Dimensions: 8.26" x 8.66" x 5.9"

  • Painted Bronze
  • Edition xx/12
  • Comes with a signed and numbered COA by the artist

Background: The Japanese word ‘Maru’, meaning circle, is a term with many applications and layers in the Japanese language. In divination it represents perfection and completeness. In the days of the samurai, the word was added to names of young boys before they reach adulthood. The word also has a place in nautical terminology, often used in named of ships to represent the vessel as a small world of its own. In common, popular language ‘Maru’ is simply used to describe a round and cute face. With this edition, En Iwamura masterfully unites the many layers of the term and substantiates them into a brightly coloured sculptural portrait. The artist further explores and perfects his use of the medium of bronze, taming the sturdy alloy to accentuate and compliment his signature line work. The portrait of a round-faced young boy is used as a powerful representation of the headspace as a world of its own. Reminding the viewer of his role as the captain of his own ship and the master of his own reality.