Rolex ‘FUCK EM’ 114060 Submariner

Size: OS

Condition: Pre-owned, includes original Rolex, Rolex Card, and Supreme card. Small chip on the ceramic bezel between the 11 and 12 marker. 


Rolex Submariner

Reference: 114060

Year: 2013

Diameter: 40mm

Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Supreme decided to customize a small handful of Rolex watches and gift them to a select group of friends and family members of the company. The watch that was selected to be customized was the reference 114060 no-date Submariner with Cerachrom bezel insert, and it is believed that only 20 of these exclusive watches were ever produced.

The customization work was carried out by Bamford Watch Department. Additionally, the extent of the customization work was overall rather subtle and minimal. Supreme’s “FUCK EM” slogan appears in bold, red text above the Submariner name on the dial (more than slightly reminiscent of a red-line Submariner or Sea-Dweller), and the case-back is engraved with Supreme’s signature “box” logo. 


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